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Karate for Kids

Taekwondo Martial Arts Classes for Kids

Martial Arts Sparring for Kids at Makowski's Martial Arts & Fitness

Karate for Kids is a martial arts training program for children ages 7 - 12. Our classes deliver fun and develop both self-confidence and self-defense skills through Songahm Taekwondo, along with elements of other styles including jiu-jitsu, krav maga, aikido, and street self-defense.

Students advance in skill and ability levels based on their own improvement and capabilities, not how they compare to other children. Our program also includes leadership training and an incentive-based reward program that recognizes and rewards positive behavior at home, at school, and in the neighborhood.

Physical & Mental Benefits of Karate for Kids Martial Arts Training

Classes include individual attention from nationally certified instructors. Coordination, reaction time, and martial arts skills are developed through a progressive program that delivers the building blocks for your child’s future. Your child will experience exciting classes in a safe, positive learning environment that balances both physical and mental achievement.

This regimen holds children's attention and improves their ability to learn, set goals, and achieve while building a sense of accomplishment that provides them with a strong foundation that will help them in every area of their lives, including school work!

This program delivers fun and affords children a strong foundation by developing essential character qualities:

  • Coordination
  • Friendship
  • Perseverance
  • Self-Control
  • Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Courtesy
  • Honesty
  • Awareness
  • Integrity
  • Self Esteem
  • Respect

Incentive Based Martial Arts Classes - Victory Patch

Incentive Based Martial Arts Classes - Victory Patch
Victory Patch

Our system includes a unique victory patch that our Karate for Kids Martial Artists wear on their uniform. Students are awarded “victory stars” for completing life-skill lessons, demonstrating life-skills, outstanding performance in school & at home & in class, positive attitude, participating in various events, etc.

After earning 25 victory stars, a new, different color patch is awarded that indicates the total number earned. The student can then continue to add stars to the new patch.

Kids can receive stars for the following deeds:

  • Gold - Straight A's, honor roll, or significant grade improvement
  • Silver - Special performance awards, good grades
  • Blue - ATA Life Skills, weekly lessons, classroom performance
  • Red - Tournament participation, special seminars and special activities

Four different colored Victory Patches are available to accommodate all the stars that can be earned by a high achieving Karate Kid:

  • Blue - 0-24 Stars
  • Silver - 25-49 Stars
  • Gold - 50-99 Stars
  • Blue/Gold - 100 Stars

Why Choose Our Karate for Kids Martial Arts Program?

Parents are amazed at the benefits of martial arts classes that their kids experience in every aspect of their lives.

Self-defense is just a part of martial arts. Likely it is very obvious from its depiction in movies and television. However, our greatest skills lie in development of confidence and a strong sense of self-esteem that is developed by high goal setting and achievement. Learning martial arts develops leadership abilities along with defensive skills that strengthen the student both mentally and physically.

There are many distractions and sensory overload in daily lives. Our training provides the skill to focus. Often the result is obvious change that improves academic work. Great success in self-control and concentration are exactly the skills you can expect as a result of martial arts training.

Plus martial arts training can lead to a lot of things. Better grades in school, knowing how to use anti-bullying programs, preventing violence among peers, and the satisfaction that results from achieving one’s personal best in all facets of life – the Black Belt Attitude!

Perhaps most importantly, students learn that physical activity is a healthy way to have fun. Children's martial arts provides a fun way to exercise, learn crucial life lessons, and develop a sense of self-reliance. Simultaneously, and often without realizing, these “Karate Kids” become high scholastic achievers, leaders among their peers, and their martial arts training prepares them to excel at any sport or physical endeavor.

EVERY KID is Special...
EVERY KID Can Achieve Their Personal Best...
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