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Wendell Myers

I first started my son at Makowski's Martial Arts & Fitness about 7 years ago where he earned the rank of blue belt. The excellent training provided here also helped him progress in other areas such as athletics, specifically baseball and basketball. Currently he is taking speed and agility through a personal training regimen customized for his own agenda and skill set. The instructors at Makowski's provide a high level of knowledge and are able to apply this in their class rooms catering to the age and skill levels necessary to maximize achievement and self confidence. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in a martial arts, self defense training or just in need of "getting in shape".

Jay Hilscher

Classes are very structured and strict. My son loves it! We plan to be customers for years to come.

Kelly Dobransky

My children both attend Makowski's ATA in Sarver. They have learned so much there over the past few years and have earned their black belts. Children learn discipline, respect, courtesy, and self esteem. The instructors truly lead by example. These are wonderful people and they make such a difference in so many lives. My children love learning at Makowski's ATA.

Liliia Sepich

Excellent instruction in martial arts! I see great benefits for my sons character and physical education. VERY highly recommended.